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        Brief introduction :

        CFD低壓動力柜產品系戶外、高防護等級封閉裝置,其外殼防護等級為IP66??捎行Х浪?、防塵。產品符合GB7251.1-2013及歐洲標準EN61493-1、2等標準。 廣泛用于交流50Hz、額定工作電壓為380V(660V)、額定工作電流至630A作為冶金、礦山、石油、化工、電力、建材、機械加工、交通運輸、賓館、飯店等三相四線電力系統的動力配電和照明配電用,對線路的過載,短路及漏電提供保護,并對電路進行正常轉換。

        CFD low pressure power cabinet is high protection outdoor enclosed device, shell protection grade IP66, effective waterproof and dustproof. This product complys with GB7251.1-2013 and European standard EN61493-1, 2 and other standards. It is widely used in AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V (660V), rated working current to 630A as three phase four wire power distribution and lighting distribution in the industries of metallurgical, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, building materials, machinery processing, transportation, hotels and restaurants. It can provide protection in the case of overload, short circuit, leakage and can make circuit converted normally.


        Main performance and features :

        1. CFD型低壓動力柜均采用新型電器組件,具有結構緊湊、密閉性能高、檢修方便、線路方案可以靈活組保等特點。動力柜除裝有空氣斷路器和熔斷器作為短路保護外,還裝有接觸器和熱繼電器,柜前門可裝指示電表,操作按鈕和指示燈。柜上還可附設母線箱,適用于多臺并列安裝。母線箱用鋼板彎制而成封閉式,其高度為300毫米。

        2. 可前后開門。

        3. 箱體采用2.0MM厚優質冷軋碳鋼板、不銹鋼材質制作。具有防腐、機械強度高等特點。

        4. 安裝方式:落地安裝。

        5. 配置安裝梁。豎梁位置可調節,提供充足使用空間。

        6. 進出線方式靈活:下進下出、下進上出、上進上出、上進下出。電纜進、出線部位采用電纜鎖緊裝置進行密封,保證防護等級。

        7. 配置溫濕度控制裝置。

        1. CFD type low voltage power cabinet is the new type of electrical components, with a compact structure, high sealing performance, easy maintenance, line scheme can be flexible, and other characteristics. Power cabinet in addition to air circuit breakers and fuses as short circuit protection, but also equipped with contactor and thermal relay. Indicator meter, operation button and indicator light can also be installed on the front door. A busbar chamber can also be installed on the cabinet suitable for multiple parallel installation, which is made of steel plate with height 300 mm.

        2. Front door and back door can be opened.

        3. The cabient body is made of 2.0MM thick cold-rolled carbon steel plate and stainless steel material with anti-corrosion and higher mechanical strength.

        4. Installation: landing installation.

        5. Instllation with beam. Vertical beam position can be adjusted to provide adequate space for users.

        6. Inlet and outlet mode are flexible: lower-lower, lower-upper, upper-upper, upper-lower, The cable inlet and outlet parts are sealed with cable lock device, and the protection grade is ensured.

        7. With temperature and humidity control device.




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